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Groundskeeper Willy is a character from "The Simpsons".
Category: Skins 1.45 MB November 11, 2001 2669

Based on the clown from the Simpsons.
Category: Models 1.02 MB January 04, 2002 10933

Mr. Burns is from the show on FOX "The Simpsons."
Category: Models 2.72 MB January 04, 2002 13354

the simpsons map
Category: Maps 17.51 MB August 29, 2008 7353

QuakeCon 09 Videos


Check out all our QuakeCon 2009 videos including the John Caramck keynote and the id Software press conference.

Julie Stepan @ QuakeCon


Julie Stepan mingles with the nerds waiting in the BYOC registration line. If you haven't been to QuakeCon before, you'd be surprised of the amount of crazy people which turn out for the event. We have some costumed crazies and a guy who looks like John Carmack.


TDS Kent

E3 2009 Overview Video

Bid For Power

Video from all around E3 2009. You will see booth babes, the Nintendo, Activision, Microsoft, and Sony booths along with many others. There are also special appearances by Mario, Sonic, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

QuakeLive Tourney Videos

QuakeLive Tourney Videos

Videos from the first ever QuakeLive tournament at QuakeCon 2008. All videos, which include expert commentary, are available for streaming and download in High Definition.

Inside id Software

id Software

A look inside the company that brought us Quake, Doom, and Wolfenstein. Experience id with High Definition video and pictures.

From the Creator of

Planet Quake3

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