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The public beta of Challenge ProMode Arena v1.2. It is encouraged that admins put this release on their servers. If you do upgrade, you must delete the 1.11 files.The big feature of this release is obviously HoonyMode, but you could argue that it has two new gametypes rather than one: They've made a couple of small but key changes to CTF, and the end result is something that has very little in common with what CPM CTF is generally like now. The days of two people playing Defrag while 8 others FFA are over. Get used to the idea of escorting and path clearing for your FC, because it's going to be EXTREMELY difficult for even the best players to make a cap without proper support. With the increased skill demands, the difference between a great FC and an average one is going to be huge: something that Quake hasn't had since Q2.
Category: Modifications 552.04 Kb November 25, 2003 647

The mod adds many cool new features to Quake4 including new weaponskins, enhanced brightskins, and new hitboxes. This Mod is ment to be completely for fun.

This version contains weaponbalance changes for GTR mode, serious bugfixes and a new promode that has similar movement to CPMA, called GTX. And we decided to help xgo with testing his new soundpak, so we included it into this version.
Category: Modifications 8.24 MB July 14, 2006 645

The premise of Unlagged is that the server can compensate for any client's lag by adding a new variable to collision detection: time. In Unlagged, the server does the hit test for instant-hit weapons at the time the player pushed the fire button, instead of when the server got the message that the player pushed the fire button. It means that if you're pinging 300 on an "Unlagged" server, you can still aim and fire any instant-hit weapon (machinegun, shotgun, lightning gun, railgun) as if you were playing on a LAN. What's new:

  • Full server-side lag compensation for instant-hit weapons (as in Unlagged 1.0, but this time perfectly accurate)
  • Client-side attack prediction for instant-hit weapons
  • Cheat-protected debugging options for making sure everything is working right, including lag simulation
  • Options to let you opt out of full lag compensation for some or all instant-hit weapons, or nudge your compensation a bit
  • Compensation for Quake 3's built-in 50ms lag for instant-hit weapons when players opt out of full lag compensation, and for all projectile weapons
  • Correction for “skipping” players (makes them much easier to hit)
  • Optimization for player prediction (yields 15-40% performance increase – or higher – depending on hardware and network latencies; many thanks to arQon of CPMA for bringing the problem to my attention and providing me with the first solution)
  • cg_projectileNudge to help in dodging projectiles
  • Early transitioning of missile entities (makes projectile weapons feel better and projectiles easier to dodge)
  • cl_timenudge actually extrapolates player movement (instead of making other players look “jerky”)
  • Option to show more accurate pings (taking into account lag simulation, built-in latencies, and cl_timenudge)
  • “True lightning” works properly
  • Category: Modifications 243.38 Kb October 17, 2002 631

    What is Xtreme Arena? The idea spawned from a love for the legendary RocketArena 3 and Excessive. This mod is an attempt to bring some of the things I love most about those two mods into a single fast-paced frag fest! The new code corrects for the 50ms lag built into Q3, just like CPMA and OSP. Even playing with a 100 ping feels just great! The new lag compensation is optional and can be turned off by individual players or by server admins. In addition, XA adds new CVARs to give admins tons of control over thier server. Any weapon can be disabled and damage can be adjusted on most instant hit weapons.
    Category: Modifications 294.31 Kb March 17, 2003 606

    Clan v2c presents their second CPM movie. This movie is not some kind of ordinary fragmovie, but it's definitely worthy of downloading especially for the CPMA players. It was made with the clear target to differ from the usual movies and make you relaxed.
    Category: Movies 107.83 MB July 12, 2005 595

    A Quake 3 arena movie, featuring various players, frags by "CDV".Tdm, Duel (mod CPMA, gameplay vq3).Official Maps.
    Category: Movies 174.32 MB May 09, 2008 584

    My 2nd fragmovie about vq3 tdm/ctf. I did it because i had some unused demos with some nice frags (actually i'm playing cpma but i think the frags are not bad:/). i've got take a look about my first movie and the mistakes. I made it shorte) and used a clear cfg and q3mme for nice recams.
    Category: Movies 213.60 MB July 02, 2007 555

    This version has a updated demo menu code to work with Q3 1.31 and bug fixes with item pickups on initial spawns.
    Category: Modifications 2.39 MB December 28, 2001 554

    The Challenge Pro Mode is a modification for Q3A which aims to make the game more exciting and challenging for "expert players". It is not a remake of Q3A as QW or Q2, although some features from both previous id Software games have made their way into pro mode. The armor systems have been tweaked in this build for playtesting.
    Category: Modifications 2.39 MB December 17, 2001 500

    Quake 3 Movie featuring german player yf5. RA3, OSP CTF and CPMA vq3 action.. Edited with q3mme. Good editing with smooth music ;)
    Category: Movies 173.79 MB April 11, 2008 488

    New in this release:

  • chg: the "low" ammo point for SG is 5 rather than 10
  • chg: enabled armoursystem vote in CQ3
  • chg: cg_shadows 2 and 3 removed - too buggy and cheaty (both project through walls etc)
  • chg: stepup events optimized
  • chg: improved client prediction during djumps. CPM3 lower rl is easiest place to see the difference
  • chg: popsicles refreeze over time if abandoned mid-thaw. same rate as for thawing, i.e. if you thaw for 2 secs then leave for 1 sec, there's 2 secs left
  • Category: Modifications 2.44 MB May 25, 2002 473

    Triple A is my second large Quake video. it includes a few nice Frags from OSP TDM also a little CPMA.
    Category: Movies 76.55 MB November 19, 2002 458

    Control is a movie about 2 mods: Defrag and CPMA. The cast features NoGhost (PR 1.16) mod players that started playing on 1.32 and somewhat became successful with that. Part 1, is Defrag, featuring crazy fast caps & runs, times of those are highly ranked. Part 2, is CPMA, probably not hardcore frags but bearable I guess. Most of frags are from flag modes (CTF & NTF) but still managed to pop in some TDM & 1v1 footage. So for some time I''ve been wanting to make a Q3 movie. After realizing that my footage is pretty crap.. I needed someone to help me out with that. Fortunately, Nightmare was willing to do it and sent me loads of footage on 08/01/09 (when project started). I know I''m not the best when it comes to editing and/or fragging but I had loads of fun while making this movie and hopefully I get to make another one soon.
    Category: Movies 440.47 MB April 02, 2009 401

    This movie was made to promote the IRC-channel called #cpmpickup and ProMode in general. On #cpmpickup you can add to various gametypes, such as NTF, TDM, CTF, 2v2, CTFS, and more. All what you need is an IRC-client (i.g. mIRC), the correct version of Quake 3 (1.32), CPMA mod, CPMA Mappack and a few other maps. Visit for articles, files, wiki, tutorials, etc.
    Category: 318.16 MB January 15, 2011 400

    CPMA no longer supports VQ3. There were many factors that led to this, but at the end of the day all you really need to know is: they gave the matter careful consideration, especially with respect to the VQ3 CA leagues that use CPMA; and the decision is not open to debate. However, since the mod was designed with support for two distinct sets of game rules, it made more sense to replace the VQ3 mode with something else rather than eliminate it entirely. Thus, the non-ProMode option in the mod is now Challenge Q3.
    Category: Modifications 2.39 MB January 22, 2002 381

    I''ve released my new Quake 3: Arena frag movie entitled "DOMINATION." This movie contains stunning frags made by yours truly over the last 1 and 1/2 years in multiple modes of CPMA VQ3 and Promode. The focus is more on the frags than editing effects. In game sounds compliment the frags. The framerate sits at a comfortable 45FPS throughout the movie. WMV V9 is the codec used, this is so you can still look at a great picture without having to worry if your low end computer can handle the movie or not. So, sit back and enjoy the movie!
    Category: Movies 296.72 MB February 11, 2008 381

    This release actually had some Real Live Testing, and it certainly looks like things are much better now. EVERYONE should upgrade to this build, ESPECIALLY any 1.32 servers. No matter where in the world they are or what the server is used for, this is what they should be running. Install it yourselves and then urge your server admins to do the same. If they're upgrading from the 99x series as most probably are, they WILL have to read the docs or things are going to get nasty. Make sure YOU understand the changes so that you can walk them through it if they get confused.

    The crucial information for the 99y series is that servers MUST run modes, which are described in painful detail in docs/cpma-q3-Modes.txt. Servers running CPMA-unaware MA maps (i.e. RA3 maps) MUST have valid definitions for those arenas, and I expect most of them don't. Again, those are described in that document. The 99y series ships with a set of definitions for those maps in the cfg-ra3/ directory, so admins can simply use "+set map_cfgdir cfg-ra3" on the command line to get up and running immediately, then tweak them later if they want.

    It's imperative that people upgrade, and most of them probably won't do so any time soon unless you ask them to. This is the ONLY version that is 100% happy with 1.32, so make the effort for your own benefit.
    Category: Modifications 2.49 MB November 17, 2002 372

    This map is conversion/remix of one of my earlier works - q3shw12. It was one of my first maps, quite playable, but with very crapy look :). So I wanted to see it with new solid graphic. I rebuild the level and change it a little. There’s no longer 2xYA, now we have one YA and one RA. The map is destinated to 1v1 Cpma play. I wanted to place on it as many tricks as it was possible, and game to be really fast. After rebuilding, you can move very fast, move paths are based on circles (mostly), and if we talk about tricks - there's a lot of them, double jumps, rocket jumps, and what only you’ll find :). HF.
    Category: Maps 4.72 MB January 03, 2008 366

    The Challenge Pro Mode is a modification for Q3A which aims to make the game more exciting and challenging for "expert players". It is not a remake of Q3A as QW or Q2, although some features from both previous id Software games have made their way into pro mode. Notes for version 0.99w5:

  • chg: "Duel" armorsystem is now the default for team games as well
  • chg: quad shell is now always blue
  • chg: testmodel/testgun cruft removed
  • chg: all HUD variations show flag status in CTF
  • chg: popsicle effect is now totally white rather than bluish-white was a bit too close to the Quad effect with some configs
  • chg: be really agressive about popsicle trajectory tests stops them slipping through seams on maps like DM6
  • chg: max number of demos on menu increased to a real 240 rather than an id-math 128, which is about 40 :P
  • chg: creepcam_smoothfactor renamed to creepcamSmoothRate since that's what it actually is
  • fix: no blood effect when SG'ing popsicles
  • fix: cg_enemycolors default should be "", not "0"
  • fix: coaches were being blacked out in speclocked games
  • Category: Modifications 2.43 MB May 07, 2002 360

    99v6 includes "experimental" 'lag reducing' code. Read more about the new code.
    Category: Modifications 2.12 MB November 12, 2001 358

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