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The Challenge Pro Mode's goals were, first and foremost, to make a more exciting and challenging game to play and we hoped that this would help advance Q3 into a professional sport. Designed for use with Q3 1.32, but will work fine with older versions as well. Coach mode and MVD have had a pretty significant overhaul, and they're a lot better for it. All the rather hackish elements of the original coaching code are a thing of the past now, and it's fully integrated with MVD. The PiP windows have been enhanced once again to the extent that they now behave almost exactly like normal views, all the way down to things like cg_drawGun and cg_gunX/Y/Z. Coachview itself has been reorganised to maximise player views and minimise the cruft of the "general" HUD elements (score, time, etc), and is now available in demos as well: just click to zoom in/out on players; right-click to change POVs, etc.
Category: Modifications 2.44 MB November 04, 2002 250

The Challenge Pro Mode (CPM) project was created by Richard 'Hoony' Sandlant in May 1999 (when the 'Q3test' was released) after he realised that Quake 3 Arena was going to have a lot of "newbie-friendly" features and after John Carmack admitted a more challenging version might be better for professional gamers (which is where the name "pro mode" came from). Notes for version 0.99x8 (9 Sep 02):
add: CPM13B map config (PG -> LG)
add: cg_predict (0-2)
	replaces cg_nopredict
	0 = off
	1 = normal
	2 = optimised
	the normal prediction path is extremely slow at times
	(notably around curves) and can cost you 100fps on a GHz machine
	this new scheme is MUCH faster, but slightly more prone to errors.
	oddly enough, it's still more accurate than the original
	id prediction code (i.e. before the CPMA fixes)  :)
	if you have a slow machine, it's definitely worth trying.
	* currently very broken on lifts
add: new scoreboard for DM
	needs a lot of work still, but is VERY cool for GTV  :)
	(accuracy icon is for RL skill: effectiveness and direct hits)
add: assorted GTV-awareness (prepping for live MVD)
add: picture-in-picture for MVD  :P
	(press P to cycle window positions during playback)
add: UPS in MVDs
add: support gametype-specific spawnpoints
chg: allow mappers to specify respawn times for certain types of items
	not weapons (can't play id "pro" maps with polish rules or in ffa)
	not powerups (cpm13 becomes awful)
chg: acc "qualifying" shot count for PG upped from 45 to 50
chg: PickedUp and DiedWith columns renamed to Take and Drop
	was too much space for something so unimportant
fix: explicitly dropping the current weapon didn't switch from it
Category: Modifications 2.44 MB September 29, 2002 251

The latest version of CPMA. The Challenge Pro Mode's goals were, first and foremost, to make a more exciting and challenging game to play and we hoped that this would help advance Q3 into a professional sport. Along the way we made a choice between making only small conservative changes to Q3A, and making the changes that our design team recommended. We took the path of making the changes that our design team felt were necessary.
Category: Modifications 2.44 MB August 24, 2002 156

New in this release:

  • chg: the "low" ammo point for SG is 5 rather than 10
  • chg: enabled armoursystem vote in CQ3
  • chg: cg_shadows 2 and 3 removed - too buggy and cheaty (both project through walls etc)
  • chg: stepup events optimized
  • chg: improved client prediction during djumps. CPM3 lower rl is easiest place to see the difference
  • chg: popsicles refreeze over time if abandoned mid-thaw. same rate as for thawing, i.e. if you thaw for 2 secs then leave for 1 sec, there's 2 secs left
  • Category: Modifications 2.44 MB May 25, 2002 473

    The Challenge Pro Mode is a modification for Q3A which aims to make the game more exciting and challenging for "expert players". It is not a remake of Q3A as QW or Q2, although some features from both previous id Software games have made their way into pro mode. Notes for version 0.99w5:

  • chg: "Duel" armorsystem is now the default for team games as well
  • chg: quad shell is now always blue
  • chg: testmodel/testgun cruft removed
  • chg: all HUD variations show flag status in CTF
  • chg: popsicle effect is now totally white rather than bluish-white was a bit too close to the Quad effect with some configs
  • chg: be really agressive about popsicle trajectory tests stops them slipping through seams on maps like DM6
  • chg: max number of demos on menu increased to a real 240 rather than an id-math 128, which is about 40 :P
  • chg: creepcam_smoothfactor renamed to creepcamSmoothRate since that's what it actually is
  • fix: no blood effect when SG'ing popsicles
  • fix: cg_enemycolors default should be "", not "0"
  • fix: coaches were being blacked out in speclocked games
  • Category: Modifications 2.43 MB May 07, 2002 360

    Mostly just small bugfixes and a general tightening up of some of the UI, but a couple of very handy new features as well (mostly for teamplay).
    Category: Modifications 2.43 MB April 26, 2002 338

    add: Freeze Tag TDM! as g_gametype 6 (mode 10, bitmask 1024)
  • based on Darrell "Doolittle" Bircsak's original (thanks man)
  • vote_allow_thaw (default 1)
  • callvote thawauto (seconds, default 120)
  • callvote thawtime (seconds, default 3)
  • callvote startrespawn (0|1, default 1)
  • ON (default) = EU rules:
  • all players reset to base attributes + loadouts after each point
  • OFF = semi-US rules: losing team is thawed; winning team is NOT
  • but the living players on the winning team keep their current h/a
  • (note that this may well be LESS than the spawn h/a) and weapons

    add: CPMA colours can now be used in names, crosshairs, etc
  • (everywhere that's under my control, basically, which
  • is anything game-related but not the console)
  • some of the numeric colours have been changed as a result
  • 0: was white, now black
  • 7: was orange, now white
  • 8: was purple, now orange - T is the closest to the old 8
  • id have always had 5 and 6 backwards. since I can't fix the
  • console, they're now wrong in CPMA as well, for compatibility
  • Category: Modifications 2.43 MB April 15, 2002 1160

    CPMA no longer supports VQ3. There were many factors that led to this, but at the end of the day all you really need to know is: they gave the matter careful consideration, especially with respect to the VQ3 CA leagues that use CPMA; and the decision is not open to debate. However, since the mod was designed with support for two distinct sets of game rules, it made more sense to replace the VQ3 mode with something else rather than eliminate it entirely. Thus, the non-ProMode option in the mod is now Challenge Q3.
    Category: Modifications 2.39 MB January 22, 2002 381

    This version has a updated demo menu code to work with Q3 1.31 and bug fixes with item pickups on initial spawns.
    Category: Modifications 2.39 MB December 28, 2001 554

    The Challenge Pro Mode is a modification for Q3A which aims to make the game more exciting and challenging for "expert players". It is not a remake of Q3A as QW or Q2, although some features from both previous id Software games have made their way into pro mode. The armor systems have been tweaked in this build for playtesting.
    Category: Modifications 2.39 MB December 17, 2001 500

  • New gametypes Instagib Rails, Rocket Duel, Hunted, Full Load, Carnage, Survival, QuadWhore, ClanWar and Power Struggle
  • Gamemodes now include practice, unlimited ammo, frenzy, lowgrav and matchmode
  • New interface, map and model management menus, much easier to navigate, much like the original
  • Chat messages and nickname profanity filters
  • Unlagged weapons
  • New action spectator cam
  • Fast weapon switching
  • Fast client respawn
  • CPMA style physics
  • Clan names supported
  • Team coloured huds & counters
  • Anti-cheat protection measures
  • Force and choose enemy models
  • /Ready /Notready commands [in matchmode only]
  • Pause the game and call timeouts [in matchmode only]
  • Server admin screen with server options
  • Votable Addbots & Addrandombots
  • Added server admin and more options and votes to the ingame dynamic menu
  • Category: Modifications 2.39 MB December 19, 2001 1247

    Similar to my last map "Stir Fried Rocks Attack"(charon3dm12) in visual style. Mostly different hues of grey, with abstract geometry. The style is kept simplistic due to the tournament nature of the map. The map is built to accomodate 2 players, specifically in a cpma 1vs1 setting, but still works well in standard Quake3. This map will flow differently in cpma than vq3 because of the trickjumps. Shot1, Shot2
    Category: Maps 2.34 MB August 09, 2003 7013

    99v6 includes "experimental" 'lag reducing' code. Read more about the new code.
    Category: Modifications 2.12 MB November 12, 2001 358

    It includes a new (match)mode "altca". When voting this mode, it will correctly set ammo settings, health-armor settings, falling damage, self/team damage, speclock and lock teams when everyone is ready. There will be no need to vote in 10 different things to start a "RA3-style" match.
    Category: Modifications 2.11 MB November 02, 2001 790

    This map is just a result of a sudden idea to recycle geometry of Uzuldaroum for Quake into the Quake 3 map. No more no less. Yet it was pleasure to work with Quake 3 engine again and to feel its power. Hence much more details and mapobjects in the map. The map designed for duels and for CPMA mod but can be used and in vanilla Q3 as well. ScreenShot
    Category: Maps 1.82 MB March 22, 2003 1563

    Map:ra3map11 POV:cL-Azazel Comments:CPMA demo. (ra3style)
    Category: Demos 1.62 MB November 14, 2001 766

    This is the upgrade package. You must already have CPMA 1.00 and all 7 map packs to use this upgrade. Major balance changes include a beefed up LG, increased RG knockback and slightly faster GL projectile (original news post can be found here). The CPMA techsheet has also been updated to reflect the latest changes.

    A new 2v2 mode was added and the speed drag is now gone from all game modes apart from NTF. In the new release the players can callvote a new gameplay mode called dev, where all the new ideas for future CPMA versions are being evaluated. Finally, the elusive bot crash problem was fixed.
    Category: Modifications 935.40 Kb May 26, 2005 1305

    This is an upgrade package. It requires CPMA 1.0 or later and map pack 5 to already be installed. Partly a maintenance build for 1.30, but also the revision and update of most of the netcode tweaks to date. timenudge, the adaptive cg_nudge, xerpClients, the 50ms hack, etc, have now all been combined into a single cvar that basically just does everything for you. It's enabled by default, and it really does give "normal" connections (i.e. anyone who isn't on dialup or playing halfway across the planet) the closest thing to LAN feel that you can get over the net, without introducing all the BS problems that CS/zeroping/etc have and while staying true to our "competition-class" approach to such things. Turn off ALL the crap that you've lovingly tweaked into your config over the years, and let the system handle it for you.
    Category: Modifications 887.57 Kb June 03, 2004 1066

    Ra3/CPMA map. 4 arenas. Not your typical RA3 map. Lots of detail. Get the CPMA bot file and cfgs at my website for offline bot play. for CPMA files.
    Category: Maps 780.00 Kb November 26, 2001 2599

    Ultra Freeze Tag is a teamplay modification based on Darrell Bircsak's Freeze Tag 1.5. You should catch on pretty fast - just shoot the other team up, and when they'd usually die they freeze instead. Once you have all the players on the other team frozen at the same time, your team gets a point and another round will start. To thaw a frozen teammate (a corpsicle), stand next to him for a while. When your team reaches the round limit, the game is over. What's new:

  • bug: overbounce bugs
  • bug: point-and-click scoreboard and timeout angle freeze jittery with pmove_fixed
  • bug: bots sometimes say "why are you attacking me?" when thawed
  • bug: referee can't get stats at all when invisible
  • bug: NULL pointer reference when mover damages corpsicle
  • bug: cg_swapskins should affect spectator crosshair color
  • made LG take significantly less bandwidth
  • changed g_truePing into cg_truePing (default 0)
  • added g_friendlyAutoThawTime
  • added cg_pmove_fixed (to opt out of pmove_fixed if it's enabled on the server - like in CPMA), and cg_pmove_accurate (as an alternative to pmove_fixed)
  • Category: Modifications 774.57 Kb December 18, 2002 915

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