id Press Conference & Carmack HighlightsPosted by RogeR on Friday, August 03 2007 @ 19:53:03 CDT

"RAGE" Next For id

id Software didn't let the huge crowd on hand for their QuakeCon 2007 press conference this year.

id Software's CEO Todd hollenshead first came on stage announcing id's new game "RAGE" along with a flurry of other exciting things to come.

The press conference was followed by John Carmack's annual keynote. He discussed id's upcoming game, his love for developing mobile gaming technology, the problems with porting games to consoles such as the PS3, and many other topics. Full coverage of these two events along with video will be coming shortly.

  • id Software's next title will be named "Rage". It will be a post-apocalyptic style FPS/racing game. The game will most likely occupy 2 DVDs or 1 Blueray disc.

  • id had originally been working on a title codenamed Darkness, an island survival horror game but then decided against the game. It was under development for over a year until work was halted.

  • They hope to have a QUAKE ARENA style game made using the new id Tech5 engine.

  • Carmack very much enjoys fun, simple games, such as QUAKE3. He feels overwhelmed by games such as Enemy Territory: QuakeWars.

  • A QUAKE Arcade game will be coming to the XBOX360.

  • Quake0, a free web-based version of Quake3 is currently in development. The title will be supported by advertising.

  • Along with porting Orcs and Elves to the DS, Carmack hopes to have a QUAKE ARENA game with a 2 1/2D graphics engine also ported to the DS. He wants the game to be enjoyable for casual gamers and pros alike, allowing them to play for long periods of time.

  • id Software has hired a second team of developers to work on the "Quake 0" title along with other projects.

  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will be released on October 2nd, 2007.

  • A Wolfenstein movie is currently in development.

  • All id Software titles will be available on Steam for download.

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