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Syndicate Arena Alpha1

File Information:
Filesize 58.58 MB
Filename syn_install_alpha.exe
Added On June 27, 2002
Author Syndicate Arena Team (Website)
Total Downloads 4282
Downloads Today 146
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Syndicate arena tries to bring the spirit and feeling of the original Syndicate games from bullfrog to new live. By using the first person perspective a whole new live will be breath into the dark and desperate cities of the future. Included in the mod are brand new maps bringing the dark and gloomy feel of the Syndicate Megacities to your Personal Computer. An extensive arsenal with weapons from Syndicate, Syndicate American Revolt and Syndicate Wars is also included, as well as brand new player models. There are also any new gamemodes implemented to enrichen the gameplay experience. Download The Fix!. Put it in your quake3/syn/ directory.

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