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Rocket Science by subz`

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A mainly cpm orientated q3 movie by subz. Sometime in February I decided that I'll make a q3 movie, because q3 is so awesome to work it, and I was sort of getting into CPMA with #cpmpickup and so on. So I asked for a few demos, and I got a little bit, then a little bit more, and then fei from Shaolinproductions dumped the gq4 demos over my head, so all of a sudden I had this epic amount of very nice footage, and realized that this will have to be something more. I've been sorting demos since then, thinking up scenes, and whatnot, and actually started working on it only in June,More technical stuff about the movie you can find out in #unpredictables on (it's where I reside).

Video Details

Added On September 02, 2008
Author subz`
Downloads 3311
Length 9 min 19 sec

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Bitrate 7.81 Mbps

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