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CPMA 1.44

File Information:
Filesize 7.71 MB
Added On December 21, 2007
Author arQon (Website)
Total Downloads 1416
Downloads Today 210
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Version 1.44 of the Challenge ProMode Arena mod. This release is a full version except for the maps. You MUST already have all 7 CPM map packs to use this version of CPMA. What's new:
    Universal mod changes
  • Item bounding boxes fixed and aligned, they were extremely asymmetric, items may feel smaller

  • New particle system for rail, lightning gun and smoke

  • hud_hide and hud_show commands for individual hud elements

  • New icons thanks to vamp1re

  • CPM gameplay
  • 2,000 units per second plasma (up from 1,800)
  • Q4MAX spawn system in 1v1 (random using the furthest 50% of spawns from the killer)
  • Tele-exit speed reduced to 400 from 440 and the 'cripple' effect on exit removed. This means less free speed but more ability to circle jump, all teledoubles that were possible are now but may need some practice. Teleporter exit circle jumps now follow the same rules as normal circle jumps
    CQ3 gameplay
  • ChallengeQuake3 gameplay modified - has the dev rail gun, ramp jumps, CPM water movement and a number of other tweaks, see the changelog for further details

  • VQ3
  • No changes

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