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QuakeCon 07: id Press Conference

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Added On August 04, 2007
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Filename quakecon07_id_press_conference.
Filesize 457.80 MB
Length 15 min 10 sec
Resolution 1280x720
Bitrate 4.02 Mbps

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High Definition video from the id Software press conference at QuakeCon 2007. id CEO Todd Hollenshead announced to the huge crowd gathered exciting news such as a QUAKE Arcade game is in the works, Quake0, a free web-based version of Q3 is currently in development, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars's release date, a few details about the Wolfenstein movie that is currently in development, the news that all id Software titles will be available on Steam, and more! Check out these historic announcements, the way they were went to be viewed, in HD video.

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