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Added On April 28, 2007
Author bladee (Website)
Downloads 2825

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Filename e-pics_Vertizontal_by_bladee__M
Filesize 333.94 MB
Length 13 min 50 sec
Resolution 800x450
Bitrate 2.69 Mbps

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Vertizontal is a Quake3 trickjumping video featuring piki and PistoL. It was started in August 2006 and finished in April 2007. Vertizontal includes a mix of single and team trickjumps that are packed into this very well edited video. The video runs 13 minutes 50 seconds.All of the demos used to create the video are included in the package. Some of the demos show "timescaling reoprted" but actually no single demo was recorded timescaled.

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