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QuakeCon 06: An Inside Look at QuakeWars

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Added On August 04, 2006
Downloads 31966

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Filename quakecon_06_a_look_inside_quake
Filesize 284.90 MB
Length 37 min 49 sec
Resolution 500x284
Bitrate 1.01 Mbps

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A presentation of the Enemy Territory; Quake Wars game by id Software's Kevin Cloud and Splash Damage's Paul Wedgewood. Kevin and Paul discuss many topics related to ET: QuakeWars including the game's many classes, the unique player physics, megatexture technology, and the different gameplay styles the game possesses. While many videos of QuakeWars gameplay footage have been made available in the past, this video gives you an in-depth view of the game by the people who made it. The video runs 38 minutes.

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