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TransAtlantic TDM Finals: Darkside vs. ICe-cLIMBERS (Low)

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Added On March 30, 2006
Author RogeR
Downloads 1507

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Filename darkside_vs_iceclimbers_trans_a
Filesize 71.74 MB
Length 19 min 31 sec
Resolution 500x284
Bitrate 504.01 Kbps

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The final match between Darkside and ICe-cLIMBERS on Q4DM2: Sandstorm for the Quake4 Team Deathmatch TransAtlantic finals. The legendary European iCe-cLIMBERS defeat the American Darkside team 138:202. The video lasts 19:30 and switches between views of both teams. Relive the magic of this exciting Q4 TDM match with this High Definition video that includes commentary from Radio iTG which can be heard in the background.

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