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CPMA 1.31 Full

File Information:
Filesize 81.82 MB
Added On June 03, 2004
Author arQon (Website)
Total Downloads 6075
Downloads Today 299
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This is the full package, for clean/first-time installs. It includes the CPMA mod and all 6 map packs. Partly a maintenance build for 1.30, but also the revision and update of most of the netcode tweaks to date. timenudge, the adaptive cg_nudge, xerpClients, the 50ms hack, etc, have now all been combined into a single cvar that basically just does everything for you.
It's enabled by default, and it really does give "normal" connections (i.e. anyone who isn't on dialup or playing halfway across the planet) the closest thing to LAN feel that you can get over the net, without introducing all the BS problems that CS/zeroping/etc have and while staying true to our "competition-class" approach to such things. Turn off ALL the crap that you've lovingly tweaked into your config over the years, and let the system handle it for you.

By christian34r  April 11, 2014
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