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CPMA 1.2 Final Full

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Filesize 82.82 MB
Added On January 05, 2004
Author arQon (Website)
Total Downloads 4467
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This is a pretty interesting release in lots of ways: aside from the most significant changes to general CPM gameplay yet and the introduction of the first new 1v1 gametype in *any* FPS in several years, it's also reached a new level for mods in general in terms of just how good they can be on a technical level. There are a grand total of FOUR bugfixes since the May03 1.11 release (and two of those are old id bugs that I finally got around to dealing with). I think that's an extremely strong statement as to just how high the mod's quality is these days, and something that's very gratifying to me personally. ... Having CTF become a real game again is a huge bonus, and we've included a couple of CTF maps (the first CPM CTF maps ever) in this release to give people a chance to experience that gameplay in levels that are worthy of it. There are also 4 new DM maps for the 1v1 crowd, including one with a rather familiar name.This is the FULL package, for clean/first-time installs. Just unzip this archive to your root Quake3/ directory with folders enabled, then read the README in the (newly-created) cpma/ subdirectory.

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