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The Art of Tricking

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Added On July 19, 2003
Author -haZe-
Downloads 11541

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Filename Art-of-Tricking.rar
Filesize 440.21 MB
Length 19 min 30 sec
Resolution 640x480
Bitrate 3.07 Mbps

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The trickers -haZe- & cyrus show amazing, never before seen trickjumps, runs, teamruns, and teamjumps in various camera perspectives. The video features many teamjumps and teamruns on 17++, lzctf1 and q3dm17 as well as single tricks and runs on q3wcp23, charon3dm12, cos1 etc. Itīs about 20 minutes long, compressed with the XviD-Codec.

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