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CeTuS - The Movie

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Added On July 11, 2003
Author iT_mrks & CeTuS
Downloads 43314
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Filename cetus_the_movie_xvid_HQ.rar
Filesize 289.98 MB
Length 14 min 56 sec
Resolution 800x400
Bitrate 2.55 Mbps

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CeTuS - The Movie features the best DeFRaG runs of the well known, and probably best Tricker ever. Unfortunately he stopped recording demos and playing Quake3, so this will be his last video. In a total time of 15 minutes CeTuS - The Movie shows very impressive runs which are totally synced to the music. Thanks to the DeFRaG Camera Modes, you will see the action in new, previously unseen camera perspectives, as well as smooth camera motion sequences and new effects. The Xvid Codec is included in the archive, so make sure you install it before watching this video.

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