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RocketArena3 v1.6 Upgrade (.EXE)

File Information:
Filesize 24.39 MB
Filename ra316clup.exe
Added On April 24, 2003
Author RocketArena3 Team (Website)
Total Downloads 3482
Downloads Today 27
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An upgrade for users of RocketArena3 v1.5. The new version includes:
  • Many bug fixes, including SuperPummel, Silent Jumppads and the "Specbug"
  • Support for pure servers and PunkBuster
  • Mac support
  • New console commands: ready, cg_noProjectileTrail, cg_oldtruelightning, cg_crosshairColor, cg_crosshairStats
  • The stats command has a new look, it shows stats for all the weapons.
  • Stats overlay
  • Railgun-look options
  • New 'OSP' look shaft or the old shaft
  • Invite a spectator to your team
  • Ignore chat from specific player.
  • Chat escape sequences
  • Three new maps: Mid Night, Stormator Complex, and q2dm1-ish.

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