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Western Quake3 Beta 2.0 (.EXE)

File Information:
Filesize 150.33 MB
Filename wq3b2_0.exe
Added On March 07, 2003
Author Western Q3 Team (Website)
Total Downloads 26938
Downloads Today 327
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Western Quakeł is intended to be a realistic simulation of the "Old West's" great atmosphere. It is being developed - as you can see in the name - on id Software's Quakeł Arena Engine. This Total Conversion includes completely new weapons created with historically correct information about damage, rate of fire, reload time etc. It will also include new gametypes and maps inspired mostly from movies. And to increase the feeling of "Gunslingers Atmosphere" we also created music tracks and sounds adapted to the simulated times. Here's a list of some of the most important features WQ3 brings along:
  • A full arsenal of weapons with historically correct design. Check the weapons page for more information.
  • A big variety of "western styled" maps and player models.
  • A realistic damage system with different locations (head, chest...) and increased falling damage.
  • New "Western styled" gametypes for more fun (Bank Robbery and Duel Mode).
  • A Money System implying equipment purchase with money from rewards.
  • New "easy-to-use" graphical User Interface and HUD.
  • Other small improvements for a better and funnier gameplay.

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