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OSP 1.03a Full Release (.ZIP)

File Information:
Filesize 53.29 MB
Filename osp-Quake3-1[1]
Added On March 01, 2003
Author rhea (Website)
Total Downloads 83035
Downloads Today 14189
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The popular Q3 mod which supports 6 default "modes" of operation: FFA Deathmach, 1v1, Badlands Team, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Clan Arena. Here are the Fixes, Changes and Additions for the new version:Fixes:
- turn off showPing in demos
- #D doesnt work if the player identified in it is in slot #0
- Names can stay greyed out in a match (non-FT)
- 0 scores for losing player on spectator views (scorebox)
- CA Team overlay
- CA player spec issues
- CA chat issues
- CA multiple team point scoring scenarios
- callvote mode X mapname when the server is already that gametype for the mode
doesn't change the map.
- followprev/next just teleports like a respawn
- no inactivity for coaches/refs
- (FT) insta-thaw issues in lava/void
- (FT) Dead players getting thrown to spec if team was speclocked
- various config handling issues (both internal and custom configs)
- CTF scores reset if map vote in the middle of a match
- Various issues with the HUD
- cf_Scores offset issues
- Overlay issue with left vertically-aligned weapon list
- Various issues with nextmap voting
- follow_powerup option and flag carriers. You should now always be locked on
the current FC even if another PU or Flag is picked up

- Move from 142->125 (com_maxfps)
- disable com_maxfps 0 for inet play
- (FT) team scoring sounds in
- (FT) OSP FT ammo at 50% on extra pickups
- cg_drawPing 1 = white, 2+ = color-coded (also changed location)
- Clamp r_fullbright to 0 for internet play

- (FT) dropitems set to 1 for FT modes
- (FT) freezetag_latejoin <0|1>: Toggles whether players joining a team
while a match is in progress will spawn frozen.
- Add ftv in default server_availmodes
- ch_recordMessage <0|1> : Toggles the display of "Recording"
message while a demo is being recorded. Note: the cvar must be set BEFORE a
recording is started.
- callvote capfps <0|1>: Allows for toggling of com_maxfps clamp
- vote_allow_capfps <0|1>: Admin control for capfps callvote
- flag 0x20 (32) on server_customclient (enables no client fps capping)

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